Matthew Scurfield I COULD BE ANYONE, all rights reserved.

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Matthew has worked on many different theatre projects in the UK; traversing the far corners of the stage, from Dundee to Cornwall, from the pantheons of Berkoff’’s London theatre Group, to Shakespeare’s New Globe, The Royal National Theatre and a lengthy adventure with ground-breaking Complicite. He has appeared in numerous films and television productions. Despite, or perhaps because of, being severely dyslexic Matthew completed an autobiographical book, I COULD BE ANYONE,  which follows his schooling nightmares, acting career, the embracing of yoga and unraveling the tangled threads that made up his bohemian, intellectual family background. His passion is bringing attention to the way in which we can so easily inadvertently create a hostile environment for certain of our schoolchildren to fail in. His most recent book, Off the Line, was published by RASP  June 2013. He has recently used his skill as a performer to devise a play drawn from his book I COULD BE ANYONE and seeks to stimulate debate to inform both policy and educational practice.

I Could Be Anyone In my day the word dyslexia didn't equate. You were labeled as dumb, thick, stupid, word blind, a slow learner, or at best  someone who was considered good with their hands… YOGA

Unknowingly dyslexia had put Matthew on a path that was to take him to the feet of one of the great practitioners of yoga… In taking up yoga he found confidence to act and in these later years devise a play from his writing….

YOGA Looking East Apart From George