Hunters are like you and me.
No, they’re not.
They are…
How so?
Isn’t that what we do?
to survive…
Kill animals?
You should never stand on the very top rung of a ladder — it can be dangerous!
Sounds like a threat
Know your place
in the sacerdotal, biological sense
how do I stand?
On what?
Where you land
on that evolutionary scale
who calls the shots?
Those closer to God above.
Does this deity have sides?
Do bears shit in the woods?
Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Communism, Capitalism, Atheism, Colonialism…
don’t do -ism or -ity
define opposition
talk castes,
on a role
out of hand
lost control
up at the club
in armchair calm
coin a strategy
on the front line
orders go out
divide et impera
pull up the rear
mash em up
with tanks of fear
exactly as we say
pit one belief,
one idea,
one tribe against the other…
there’s no other way
crack a whip
from the hip
use their wrangles
call out their rivals
down the pub
drive a wedge
take a strike
split the atom
on ya bike
make a whizzbang
procure a mind
if there’s rebellion
civil disobedience
civil war… don’t worry,
get in line.

Some articulate behind a throne comes to the rescue in a haze of smoke mirrors and canary talk lays down a rule of law and before we have time to think it through, this considerate rein assumes an iron fist.

With God on our side
do what we see as just
lockdowns and sanctions,
shackled person to person in a cubical frame,
go forth homo sapiens
stake a claim
to this garden of delights
arrest the surface earth
the deadliest of all
horizon to horizon
machine shifters
brick lifters
a concrete haze
other animals vying for life
in place
beneath us
we’re set up for life.

If particles that make up nature are God bound…
then the way our endeavour is going down
survive or die puts us up against God!

An idol
that assumption
in what we trust
God’s side
an entity made separate
we rule supreme…
natural selection exists,
acts up
among those of us below
swine needs to be tamed
if not culled
define who’s who
under the sun and stars
aliens welcome
sans abnormalities
kick a fly in the teeth
do what’s right
keep the balance
shoot on sight

Your God’s not my God.
it’s just hunting.
it’s a snake
I don’t want to be like you.
me either
brother in arms
in the end, maybe
we eat flesh
not human
take a life
to survive
for recreation
not always
I get mine at the supermarket
from the beginning…
was the word…
don’t preach to me.
I’m not.
I’m scared.
holier than thou
better in maths than you,
doesn’t put me above or below you.
I’m not talking about us…
I never knew my true potential until I figured out who you were.
Have you killed someone?
No, but I’ve shut them down, shut them out.
Doesn’t make you a killer.
Could make me a target.
Maybe, but that’s your choice.
In God’s image, with a shotgun, shield, and license to kill?
The choice you make to stay on top.
Kill a man on the way up, doesn’t matter on the way down.
Don’t be daft… I’ll choke you.
You’d do that
wring your neck… on a dime…
in the main…
we’re penned with the name
Doesn’t make us the same.
No, we’re none the wiser
parochial, sick and tame.

Story Wise
We sit around the fire
in front of our cave
under the same mantle
passed from one generation to the next…
in script:
Seest thou the little winged fly, smaller than a grain of sand?
It has a heart like thee, a brain open to heaven and hell,
Withinside wondrous and expansive; its gates are not closed;
I hope thine are not.

William Blake. 
28 November 1757–12 August 1827
what happened to him,
happened among those dark Satanic Mills…
EVs, mobile phones and a lot of national trust begot that evolution…
Still, the butterfly is born a chrysalis
Are there any of those left?
I’m vegetarian…
What’s that got to do with the price of meat?
You eat eggs?
Have you thought about the millions of chickens they kill once they’ve passed their laid by date?
Consumed by all the knowledge we gather, the muscle we build in our bodies and lose out on the rest of life. No, thank you!
My God!
For each conclusion you reach, your life is one step closer to being imprisoned in a cell of eternal theories.
What’s new?
Took to the Plow the other week… didn’t I?
That explains it!
What theatre company would dare bring such a complex relationship with reasoning and outcome to our hearts and minds?
Under McBurney’s supervision, a true ensemble of players and artisans unearth a challenging vision, for these challenging times…
Many commit the same crime with a different destiny; one bears a cross as the price of his villainy, another wears a crown.
Yea, but of what God are we talking?
On the night I perceived a thundering revelation… our climate, the natural habitat, the air we breathe, our god our mainstay… been with me ever since.
Why didn’t you say so before…
You never asked…
We have a view of the world, but animals have a sense of the world, do you see?
Yes. I’m in crisis full of the perks of spring.

Based on the novel by
Olga Tokarczuk
Directed by
Simon McBurney

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