Someone said, make a mess

I’m guilty, your honour

had to confess


that’s odd

thought it was me

bit this way, bit that

put the kettle on

I’m going to Picasso

get us a cheese toasty

up and down

the road of kings

me in that tuxedo,

you a top hat

running hot and cold

make mine a double

work, walk and pay


pint and half up the eagle,


was it you in that tuxedo,

in a room with a tub

was it ever legal?

can’t do the math

sounding off like a bugle

his divider screen

and you in the bath

look out

for the water

nearly died from a laugh

give it a good soaking

strip back to frame

cover it a-new

no ones to blame

marbling paper

well overdue

you and the others

up on that top floor

a shallow tray with a view

such work of art

give him his due

courtesy of the

Second Earl of Ham

never covered in shame

magnficent arias

pass us by

like shooting stars

now and then

this stall and that

first day on site

we struggled then laughed

was it you in that tuxedo,

or me in the bath

blew till we cried

came right on the night

we rolled up our sleeves

to put in the graft

went to bed in the end

near where she lay

her place in World’s End

somewhere to unwind

not quite round the bend

I heard someone say


don’t be daft

a lifeline away

come over to mine

the very next day

you sowed a tuxedo

I soaked a bath

cleaned up a storm

tea, a toke

slice of cake on the lawn

we stayed up late

to see in the dawn.